Pasar adalah suatu hal yang bersifat anarkis. Jual-beli, produksi, konsumsi, dan kegiatan-kegiatan lainnya yang menjadikan pasar tidak terjadi karena adanya perencanaan terpusat maupun koersi. Sebaliknya, pasar terjadi tanpa perlu direncanakan oleh manusia, pasar terjadi karena aksi manusia yang bersifat sukarela dan individual, tanpa perencanaan terpusat maupun koersi.

Berkaca pada hal tersebut, sebagian besar dari kita mungkin akan setuju dengan ide bahwa apa, kapan, bagaimana, dan berapa yang hendak diproduksi, dijual, dibeli, maupun dikonsumsi oleh tiap-tiap individu tidak seharusnya menjadi urusan dari negara, kecuali dalam hal-hal tertentu dimana kegiatan produksi, konsumsi, maupun jual-beli tersebut bersinggungan dengan hak individu, hak kepemilikan, atau melanggar kontrak.

Tapi tak banyak dari kita yang belum bisa menerima, bahwa seharusnya alat tukar yang digunakan oleh tiap-tiap individu untuk menyokong aktivitas produksi, jual-beli, maupun konsumsinya, tak harus pula diatur, dimonopoli, dan/atau dibatasi oleh negara.

Early 2015 witnessed the political events concerning legal dispute that puts the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and the Indonesian National Police as a central actor.For many people support the Commission, the Police systematically and planned had sought to weaken the KPK.While the weakening of leading institutions to eradicate corruption in Indonesia, our currency IDR (Rupiahs) also suffered no different situation, but of course with a different sources.

Modern science is still very rarely discussed on by the Indonesian people, especially when it is related to the scientific facts that is in contrary to the belief of several cultures and religions in Indonesia. Among young people, although most universities in Indonesia have many science majors, it does not mean they can accept the science in the way they think. Science is still considered only as a method of problem-solving calculations, and not yet as a way of thinking. So it is not surprising that there are ironic facts, that in the departments and faculties of science, radicalism and religious fundamentalism appear.

Over recent years, free trade has become a new trend in Asia. Asian countries have been focusing on ways to expand intra-regional trade that include: the establishment of Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs) in the form of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs). As from the basis of comparative advantage, every country in the world cannot fulfill all of its needs. Trade then emerges as a means of fulfilling the needs of a country.

Good afternoon SuaraKebebasan readers, this is Muhammad Ikhsan (MI), managing editor of website, with Mr. Poltak Hotradero (PH) of the Liberal Society. We would like to discuss the latest topic about the economy of Indonesia in general and also about the global economic condition. 2015 is a hard year for many governments, employers, and workers, not only in Indonesia but also in the whole world. Threat of Termination (PHK) is increasingly appearing, due to the weakening of national and global economy, the exchange rate of our currency rupiah dropped drastically, and the general level of well-being is reduced. Here is our interview with our interviewee to get an update on the current conditions of our economy and expand the knowledge on economy.