Rofi Uddarojat

Rofi Uddarojat

Rofi Uddarojat adalah content manager dari Suara Kebebasan.

Analysis 17 Jan 2017

No one predicted Trump’s victory over Hillary. After been convincingly polled defeated by Hillary in three debates, it seemed that everyone was convinced that she would win easily as the 45th President of United States.

Editorial 22 Apr 2016

It was unfortunate for Zaskia Gotik. Because of her joke about Pancasila on one of the private TV programs, this dangdut singer is now threatened to face jail sentence.

Zaskia, who was invited as a participant on a comedy quiz show, said that the symbol of the fifth principle of Pancasila is – apologies – a twerking duck (bebek nungging). Not only that, Zaskia stated that Indonesia's Independence Day is on the 32nd of August.

Editorial 11 Nov 2015

Let's for a moment forget that the issue of President Joko Widodo would like to apologize to the Indonesian Communist Party (Partai Komunis Indonesia, PKI) was initially an issue that was talked about by certain parties to further associate Joko Widodo with communism or people of the Indonesian Communist Party. So far, no signs, signals, or communications from the President appeared to apologize to the PKI. Although being critical to the government is very important, dirty tricks in politics is not a good manner in creating a mature and civilized society.

Editorial 3 Aug 2015

The sad, embarrassing news came from Indonesia. It was recently reported that one of Gojek drivers, the online motorcycle-taxi (ojek), got harassed by a number of “traditional” ojek drivers. The reason was because Gojek driver took a passenger from the base area of the traditional ojek. The harassments, at least, have happened more than once. I have seen how Gojek drivers were being intimidated with harsh words while crossing the base of traditional ojek drivers during the day and on busy streets.

Basics of Classical Liberalism 28 Jul 2015

This article was written to commemorate Hayek’s 116th birthday on 8 May 2015.

There are few things that can change the world: one of them is an idea. Only with believing in ideas and concepts, then perseverance, hard work, and the entire embodiment of progressive human mind can be raised. However, being a human with trust and complete belief in ideas is not easy, in the midst of a great temptation on pragmatism, irregularities, and momentary advantages that do not have strong ideas as its base. In this case the ideologists – in a limited sense of belief in ideas – have a glorious place in the roots of their thinking. Friedrich A. Hayek is one of the few who believed in ideas and concepts.

Interview 30 Jun 2015

Inequality issues in Indonesia have become a crucial issue since the 1998 reform. The extreme income inequality in a region will cause negative externalities, for example, with the high crimes rate. However, many have not really understood the effective ways to tackle inequality. Socio-political paradigm in a wrong direction, with the understanding that the inequality must be juxtaposed with extreme equality (typical policies of socialism/communism) is often being put on the table. Meanwhile the economic instruments such as fiscal and equal opportunity can be a solution to reduce the inequality gap. To discuss this issue, Suara Kebebasan interviewed Arief Anshory Yusuf as one of the best experts of economic inequality in Indonesia. Arief is a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, University of Padjadjaran, and also served as the director of the Center for Economic Development Studies. Arief obtained a doctorate of economics from the Australian National University and had dozens of national and international publications related to the issue of inequality. Check out the interview of Arief Anshory with the Editor of Suara Kebebasan, Rofi Uddarojat.