Muhamad Iksan

Muhamad Iksan

Muhamad Iksan (Iksan) adalah Pendiri dan Presiden Youth Freedom Network (YFN), Indonesia. YFN berulang tahun pertama pada 28 Oktober 2010, bertempatan dengan hari Sumpah Pemuda. Iksan, juga berprofesi sebagai seorang dosen dan Peneliti Paramadina Public Policy Institute (PPPI), Jakarta. Alumni Universitas Indonesia dan Paramadina Graduate School ini telah menulis buku dan berbagai artikel menyangkut isu Kebijakan Publik. (public policy). Sebelum bergabung dengan Paramadina sejak 2012, Iksan berkarier sebagai pialang saham di perusahaan Sekuritas BUMN. Ia memiliki passion untuk mempromosikan gagasan ekonomi pasar, penguatan masyarakat sipil, serta tata kelola yang baik dalam meningkatkan kualitas kebijakan publik di Indonesia.

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Editorial 12 Jun 2018

In May 2017 Indonesia earned an upgrade on its sovereign debt rating, which put it on an investment grade level from Standard And Poor's (S&P), as its debt is now rated as BBB- with stable outlook. This followed the moved of the other credit rating agencies Fitch and Moody's which have already declared Indonesia's sovereign debt as investment grade as early as 2011 and 2012 respectively. This improvement in the credit rating led to an uptick in the public optimism about the economy as well as cutting the cost of debt financing for the government.

However, it is noteworthy that Bank Indonesia recorded an increasing growth in foreign debt whereas the opposite was true with that coming from the private sector. Per May 2017 the total debt reached US$ 333.6 billion where 50,5% of it came from foreign sources. This makes the foreign share of the public debt increase by 1.000 trillion Rupiah in the last three years. The pattern of the foreign debt as well as the foreign debt long-term growth is slowing, whereas the short-term foreign debt tends to creep up. Controversies and debates within the public sphere, however, often overlook these facts.

Analysis 5 Jan 2017

On December 3rd, organized a monthly discussion. This month, we had the movie screening and in depth discussion. We had chosen The Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy for this month, with sole speaker Ulil Abshar Abdalla, Founder of Islamic Liberal Network. This event was held at the Paviliun 29 Café, Southern Jakarta.

Editorial 26 Mar 2016

Our civil liberties are constantly threatened by the unilateral action of the anti-tolerance. Anti-diversity movement that comes from the mass organizations based on a particular religion is actually happening. In the recent weeks, several events in two cities became the reflection of how vulnerable the freedom of religion and the right of assemble and association are.

Interview 29 Dec 2015

Good afternoon SuaraKebebasan readers, this is Muhammad Ikhsan (MI), managing editor of website, with Mr. Poltak Hotradero (PH) of the Liberal Society. We would like to discuss the latest topic about the economy of Indonesia in general and also about the global economic condition. 2015 is a hard year for many governments, employers, and workers, not only in Indonesia but also in the whole world. Threat of Termination (PHK) is increasingly appearing, due to the weakening of national and global economy, the exchange rate of our currency rupiah dropped drastically, and the general level of well-being is reduced. Here is our interview with our interviewee to get an update on the current conditions of our economy and expand the knowledge on economy.

Analysis 29 Dec 2015

After returning from a visit to the United States (US), Minister Tom Lembong was probably the busiest Minister with many assignments from President Jokowi, in order to examine further about the surprising statement from President Jokowi to President Obama on the recent visit to Washington, DC, United States. President Jokowi indicated that Indonesia is keen to join the other 12 countries in regional trading blocks in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Editorial 12 Nov 2015

The title above is not the jargon of a political campaign. This title represents Suarakebebasan editorial’s view that our economy is slowing down although not leaning towards a crisis, with various causes.